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2 CEUs per class. $25

1. EMS Operations and Hazard Response

2. Legal and Ethical Principles

3. Wellness and Safety of Responder

4. Caring for Infants and Children.

5. Caring for the Geriatric Patient.

6. Lift, moving, and positioning patients.

7. Principles of Effective Documentation

8. Airway Management and Ventilation

9. Principles of Resuscitation

10. Principles of Patient Assessment

11. Cardiac Emergencies

12. Respiratory Emergencies

13. Medical Emergencies

14. Environmental Emergencies

15. Recognition and Care of Shock.

16. Muscle, Bone, Head, and Spine Injuries.

17. Chest and Abdominal Injuries

18. Pregnancy and Childbirth

19. Mass Casualties, Incident Command, and Triage

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